viernes, 27 de febrero de 2015

Mr Ambiguous

Brii: **BEATRICE ROCK STYLE COMPLET OUTFIT ** Accesories, tattoo and Shoes for Slink Highs includes- Group Gift

[LeLutka]-SIENNA hair/FATPACK- Group Gift

Links to Store:

martes, 24 de febrero de 2015

domingo, 22 de febrero de 2015

Lady in red...

Kaithleen's Bow Dress - BlackWhite - SLO Group Gift

Ricielli Malinda Mesh High heels fot slink high- Available in 8 colours-SGOS HUNT ITEM#08

Where? Here ↓

With New News!!

Fi's Creations - ITALY Blouse & Skirt - 5 Sizes **This product is a Hunt Gift for the BOSL: Love International Style Hunt  (14.Feb.-28.Feb)**

Ricielli - - Highness PeepToe for high Slink- Available in Black, Beige and Burugundy-SGOS HUNT ITEM#3 


Fi's ►  ( ) Visit de Web Page to Get the land mark

R.icielli ►  Temporary Store

New Info: We have our First Sponsor.  Fi's Creation! 
Thanks Fiona for the support!! E.D

jueves, 19 de febrero de 2015

For Them... Finally!

Hunts for them!

*CD* Men's Black Hoodie w/Shirt 5 Sizes also no shirt option (beani as gift) Jack or Jill Hunt
/h Wolf's Howl Flask Necklace and Flask- JoJ hunt
7mad;raven Dirty Bronx Cap - JoJ hunt
Duh! Running Shoes - JoJ hunt
Body Factory : Player Sunglasses Gift
Elephante Poses JoJ Hunt


Right There in front of you ►

Purple Moon hunt

Purple Moon Hunt

PM: Linet Dress in Magenta Mesh- 5 sizes - Cherry #04
Lazuri Euridice - All in One - Ring Left and Right with resizer - Cherry #11
Lazuri Euridice - All in One . Earings Cherry#12
Lazuri Euridice - All in One - Choker Cherry #13
Lazuri Euridice - All in One - Bracelet - Cherry #14
SHEY Eva Stilettos High Slink 35 Textures to change


straight or crooked ?

Slink Ankle Lock  0L$
Works with High and Mid Slink, Just wear it and done, no more Crooked ankles!

miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2015

shake it off

New 6000 Members Gift!!

Brii Underground Wear: **BETHANY JOCKEY CLUB STYLE COMPLET OUTFIT ** Shoes for high Slink- Group Gift

[e] Odette Hair- Whites offer 99L$


Sweet Dreams

*TD* KAIL Body Suit with Appliers Razor Hunt Jack or Jill
MOoH! Oversized coat hunt gift Razor Hunt Jack or Jill
.S&C. Corset Stockings - Pink - Slink and azz Appliers- Market place Offer 10$L

Where can I get it??
Here!! ↓

what are you looking for its here ►

lunes, 16 de febrero de 2015

Tiempo de Carnaval Samba and... Mardi Gras

More Gifts From Brii



Both Group gift, Dont Miss it!!!

Like a barbie Girl (?)

 Brii UnderGround Wear: **BARTIRA ROCK STYLE COMPLET OUTFIT ** Shoes and Accesories included, also Leg tattoo. Dollarbie 1$L at Store

sábado, 14 de febrero de 2015

No more i love yous..

Group Gift

**MON AMOUR V2.2 COMPLET OUTFIT ** Brii Underground Wear **
**SEXY MON AMOUR ** Brii Underground Wear **

Brii Underground Wear bring us this sexy and beatiful outfit, in 2 versions, Red and Black, Accesories and shoes included!!!
 Where you can get it? 

viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015

RAZOR Jack or Jill Act 7th.. Jack's Revenge!!!

Jack or Jill.. Jacks Revenge!!!!

  F.A.D. Bronson BackPAck 5 Sizes Hint: Don’t you just love the smell of leather?
 [N*Monkey] JoJ Hoddie, 5 sizes Male Path. Hint: “Follow your heart”  
  Identity Body Shop Identity Rising Sun hands tattoo with slink and TMP appliers Hint: Find the “I” of your Identity.
{FD} (fallen Doll)  Mark of Cain- Mesh Tattoo for both arms in 5 sizes.. also for Her ;) Hint: “Now I wanna dance, I wanna win. I want that trophy, so dance good.”
Kenvie. Baggy  Short's  - Black&White --Hint: Looking up makes you dizzy

Where exactly? Here!! ↓

It's Right Here.. Behind the coffin ►

Miss Mia Wallace is hidding it ►

Lamb or Wolf? o.o


Jack Or Jill 6th Act.


{dollle*} JOJ Hunt 4.0 #02 : Halter Wrap Dress [Feb 2015] -Hint: ” Looking for a top to wear in this month of love? Check out our Heart Tops ! “
:::insanya:::  Bow Pumps Jack or Jill - Slink Mid  -Hint: Under de spotlight

If Hints aren't Enough for you... 
Take a look here

RAZOR: Jack or Jill 6th Act...

Jack or JILL time

[N*Monkey]- JoJ Hoddie (F &M) 5 Sizes Femal-5 Sizes Male.-**MALE PATH**  Hint: “Follow your heart”  
 - Ducknipple- Mesh Ziggo- Capris-5 sizes  -Hint: The more you seek, the more you’ll find 
-TartCake- Holly Warmers- 5 sizes, Pink or Pink with hearts.  For Slink "MID" - Hint: It’s in the Cake…
Chus! Jills Crystals- Mesh Eyes and regulars: 12 pairs diff. colours to choose.-Hint: Jill took off with the paper cranes.

Here are the Places and where ;)

Btwn Coffin and wall.. Under the Photos Heart ►

jueves, 12 de febrero de 2015

RAZOR: Jack or Jill 4.0 Hunt.. 5th Act. This for Jill

Jack or Jill.. Jill Again

*Epic DEMO* Drop Dead Candy Heart Necklace! [J.O. JILL H*nt #5]- Hint: Piggies need rest too!
LMD JOJ 4.0 Enya Bag Gift- Hint: Keep warm with Livia and don’t forget to accessorize!
Pink Acid Lip Shine Bascis + Theshops ALL Colors Pack - Hint: Right Beneath The Stairs
~Sassy!~ TeacherTeacher dress -5 Sizes- JOJ4 Hunt Gift - Hint: Not far now. But you have to look up.
.:: PrincessD ::. Glamour Heels BLACK with SILVER- Hud to change with or w/o Chain.- "Group Gift" (not razor hunt)

Land Marks:

Can  you see it? it's there


miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2015

RAZOR: Jack or Jill 4.0 Hunt.. 4th Act

Jack or Jill 4.0 Jill Again!

(Scene) Shooting Star rings w/Power HUD -Hint: Gotta keep those Slink Hands warm!  
:Diamante: Rawr! Headset  With Hud for resize and change color -Hint: Your love has me in a Trance…
[ bubble ] JOJ Hunt- Bat Outfit -Hint: Who doesnt need some undies?
[.Twisted Barbie.]-BLOODY VALENTINE-HIS TATTOO-Hint: There’s no such thing as having too many pairs of shoes!
E C R U: "Verdigris Heart" Necklace. -Hint: “Well lit”
TAOX TATTOO & Appliers - Thighs Center Your Heart-Hint: but !!! where are these Tattoo Victorian ribbon ?

For those who can't with the Hints.. more hints!!!


I'm on my knees, I'll Never gonna die!

** Brii Underground Wear **: **ANGUS ROCKER STYLE OUTFIT **Leather pants for men with shoes (optional) 5 Sizes (with and w/o shoes) + Inner Demon Tattoo.  Group Gift
** Brii Underground Wear **: ** MESH PUNK VEST **  Punk Vest Fabiotor 5 sizes. Group Gift

martes, 10 de febrero de 2015

Be mine...

BRII UnderGround Wear: ** TOWEL BE MINE FOR MEN ** Group Gift

Where?  OverHere  ↓ 

1,2,3 March!!.. But it's February.....

Includes Boots, Glasses and Cap. Group Gift.

RAZOR HUNT: "Jack or Jill 4.0" 4th Act... Jacks Turn

Jack or Jill 4.0... Jack's Time

!NFINITY Twin Piercing BOX- Hint: "Guys.. It's so Simple(x)!"
.Inhale. Monster Sleeve -Hint: "Look above you"
7 Deadly s{K}ins - GUY skin- Hint: "Must be a screw loose for to put here all by myself"
.:{Hostyle Shapes}:.  Ben Shape - Hint: "Let's make some magic"
::Duh!:: Mesh Running Shoes - Grey - Hint: "Put the Game on!"
Anachron - #13 Men's Unicorn T-Shirt - Hint: "Indy has it under his Hat"
Razor /// Millionare Sweats - University Edition - Black - Hint: "We need an Enforcer to handle The cheaters"
SwaggedOut - SwagBag - Bolted Bracelet- Hint: "Lunch Time!"

For those who can't follow the Hints... a little help!!